Teachers and parents know it is beneficial to read to children, but no one has really taught us how.

These reading guides and resources will equip you to read and teach children’s literature effectively, giving you the confidence that your children and students will have the foundation they need to flourish.


Let's make reading time more exciting and enjoyable for you and your students.

This site exists for parents and teachers who just need a little inspiration, insight, and a plan.
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Why is this important?


We all want the best for the children in our lives. Whether we are teachers, parents, or guardians, we work hard to provide nurturing environments for children to flourish. One of the ways we often seek to do that is by reading to them. But are you reading in a way that communicates how much you value the child and the potential you see in them to be thoughtful, wonderful people who can contribute to society? Too often we read to children in a way that tells them books are to be enjoyed, but our readings fall short and miss the opportunity to use great books as a tool to help them engage with the world around them.